Online Coaching (1 Month)

Our most popular package. We begin with a detailed health assessment and discuss your goals, as well as biggest challenges. You'll receive a customized workout program, a customized diet plan, supplement recommendations, and unlimited messaging support and coaching. $100

Strong & Sassy Training Program

A complete training and nutrition plan designed for the serious female lifter.  Advanced weight training, intense cardio and solid nutrition to help carve out your muscles and curves. $39

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Are you ready to get started?

You might be feeling a bit lost, like a ship adrift at sea. You know you need to get on track with your fitness and nutrition.  You know how GOOD it feels when you’re firing on all cylinders! But maybe you’re unsure of which direction to take.  I’d love to help you, and I’d love to have you join the Mettle & Grace community. Here’s some information that may make your decision a bit easier.

Why Online Coaching?

It’s normal to feel hesitant about hiring an online coach.  Many of us feel that we can’t stay motivated well on our own or without somebody IN PERSON guiding us through every workout.  Here’s why that’s a false truth:

  • Most of the work done towards getting in better shape and health is NOT done at the gym. Many of our moments of indecision or weakness happen at home or when we’re out and about. Having an in-gym trainer doesn’t help for the remaining 164 hours of the week when you’re not with your trainer.
  • To combat this issue, I give you instant access to a trusted resource – me! I’m available for unlimited email communication and expect you to give me weekly updates on how well your program is or isn’t working for you. We work TOGETHER to pinpoint your obstacles and life challenges and to customize your program around real life issues.
  • I’m available via messaging (Text, Facebook or Instagram) to answer short and timely questions. Maybe you’re doing weekly shopping and can’t find an item on your nutrition list. Text me and ask what you can use instead!

Customized programs are better than cookie cutter plans.

This one is pretty self-explanatory.  I combine my formal education, which includes

  • B.S. in Sport Management: Fitness and Wellness from California University of PA
  • Personal Training Certifications through NASM and AFAA

Combined with my 15 years of experience as an elite athlete, personal trainer, and published fitness and nutrition writer, I work to give you a program designed just for YOU.

This is accomplished by a brief but thorough Health Questionnaire that gives me all the relevant information necessary to craft the ideal program just for you.

There is Strength in Numbers

We are often the most successful when we surround ourselves with like-minded women who are going through the same struggles as we are.  So I’ve created an intimate online Facebook community where we can interact and pose questions to one another, share in each other’s success, and receive ongoing advice and encouragement.

So in a nutshell…

By signing up for your first month of online training and nutrition with coaching services, you’ll receive:

  • A brief, but thorough Fitness Assessment to pinpoint your obstacles and give me a snapshot of your current health and fitness status
  • A customized workout program including weights and resistance training, cardio programming, and flexibility
  • A customized nutrition plan based on your food preferences and aversions, including meal timing, portion sizes, and meal swaps.
  • Suggestions on recommended supplements based on your goals.
  • One month of coaching services from Alissa (begins when you receive and start your program), including unlimited email and text message communication, answers to your questions, on the spot program modifications when necessary, supplement recommendations, and more

The cost for your first month of online training and coaching services is $100.

Sign up by clicking on this link:

Your first month is up. Now what?

You took the first step! You signed up for a fitness consultation and one month training and nutrition plan along with coaching.  Now that your month is coming to an end, what’s next?

If you decide you’d like to receive continued services from Alissa as well as remain a part of the Mettle & Grace community, here’s what you’ll receive.


  • Update to your current training program
  • Update to your current nutrition program
  • One month of continued coaching services from Alissa, including unlimited email and text message communication, answers to your questions, on the spot program modifications when necessary, supplement recommendations, and more
  • Automatically entered in my 6 week giveaway for a fitness product or sports nutrition supplement (exclusive to members only)
  • Access to the Train With Alissa Facebook community where like-minded women communicate to offer support, advice and motivation, and to celebrate in one another’s success
  • Discounts on fitness apparel, supplements and gear from top recommended brands
  • Articles written by me and expert guests exclusively for current clients and not published anywhere else on the web (1-2 articles per month)

Renew now for $50 by clicking here:

Plus member-exclusive resources including access to my private YouTube channel, exclusive workout programs designed by me, subscription to the Mettle & Grace newsletter, and more!

The Mettle & Grace community is just getting started!  Community resources, members-only perks and more will be added in the coming months.  My goal is to give you excellent service and a place where you can get sound information and solid advice based on my formal education and years of experience as an athlete, trainer, and published writer.

The price for all of this? $50

And you get uninterrupted access to all of these resources as well as ongoing support and continual program monitoring and updates from Alissa.


Sign up now for $50 by clicking here:


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