Alissa's Background

I’ve had a lifelong passion for fitness, and athletics.  After I joined the Army in 1998, I was assigned to my first duty station in South Korea.  It was there that I was first exposed to bodybuilding.  I began training with a fellow soldier who recruited me as his new gym partner.

It was around this time that I first leafed through a copy of Muscle & Fitness and saw the IFBB Fitness competitors in the back of the magazine.  I knew instantly that this was something I wanted to do.  My extensive background in cheerleading drew me to the performance round of Fitness.  I resumed my training stateside with the goal of one day entering a fitness competition.

In 2002, I decided to earn my personal training certification so that I could help others in their personal fitness journeys.  I entered my first Figure competition in 2003, and the following year, I made my debut in the Fitness division.

I left my cushy job in information technology to work at a gym as a personal trainer.  I loved helping people learn how to adapt a fitness lifestyle, and celebrating in their progress was a sweet reward!

After working in a gym setting for 5 years, I became pregnant with my first son.  It was after his birth that I decided to take a break from my career to focus on being available for his early years.  I switched my business to online training and coaching exclusively.

Eight years and another son later, both of my boys are now in school full time which has allowed me to be available to even more women and to launch the Mettle & Grace community! I am beyond excited for this next venture and to bring women together to empower one another.




The meaning behind Mettle & Grace

Mettle & Grace is about women who have had many life challenges, and rather than being defeated by them, they’ve used them to grow and shape their character.  Through the process of changing our physical bodies, we become mentally stronger.  Success isn’t about avoiding obstacles; it’s about forging through them.

I work closely with my clients, communicating with them on a constant basis as obstacles rise or circumstances change.  I teach them how to be flexible, adapt and push through.

The women of Mettle & Grace learn that through faith and discipline they are capable of anything. And I love being able to guide women to this realization.

Meet Your Coach

"As a working mom of two boys, one of whom has special needs,
I understand how challenging it can be to balance a fit & healthy lifestyle! I'm here to listen, and to help you."

- Alissa

Alissa Carpio

Founder & Fitness Coach

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